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Chiropractic Price In Malaysia

The cost of chiropractic therapy and consultation varies amongst different centres in Malaysia. The cost of a chiropractic consultation varies from centre to centre. Some clinics provide free chiropractic consultations, which they make up for with higher prices for chiropractic care. Similar to visiting your primary care physician, a trip to the chiropractor may necessitate […]
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Chiropractic vs Physiotherapy vs Osteopathic

Often, most people are confused with the terms chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathic as they assume they are all the same profession. The professions share a lot in common, such as the fact that they all deal with musculoskeletal pain disorders. Furthermore, the titles for each profession are protected; thus, a therapist cannot refer to himself […]
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What Is Chiropractic Adjustment, Treatment And Benefit?

Lower back pain is frequently treated with a chiropractic adjustment, which can be called chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation. A chiropractor who performs a chiropractic adjustment manipulates the vertebrae that exhibit abnormal movement patterns or don’t work correctly. Chiropractic treatment aims to reduce subluxation to enhance the range of motion, lower nerve irritability, […]
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