Bell’s Palsy

Bell's Palsy? Save your face quickly!

Bell's Palsy? Save your face quickly!

Our Successful Stories

Our Successful Stories

Mr. L
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" I came to visit Sin Osteopathic a week ago due to a heavily sprained ankle. I took a wrong step down the stairs while distracting by my phone. The physician checked my ankle carefully and arranged for a x-ray at Columbia Hospital. Luckily, I had no fracture. They did acupuncture, adjustment and applied Chinese herbs to my ankle on the following visit. Today, my ankle got less swollen and I can start to walk with both feet, feeling more balance right now."

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Why Us?

Sin Osteopathic is your one stop clinic for any skeletal or muscular conditions.

We have been serving the community for over 50 years.

Given this, invaluable knowledge and techniques have been passed down throughout 3 consecutive generations.

With the integration of modern chiropractic techniques to our traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatments

We offer patients with the best of both worlds. You no longer need to worry about deciding over the type of practitioner to consult.

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We’re a team of physicians who are registered and certified under respective associations.


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Our team of physicians are committed to provide you with the highest quality of healthcare services accompanied with the compassion, excellence and professionalism that you deserve.