Low back pain after long hours of sitting?

Our Successful Stories #1

"Before I came to Sin Osteopathic, I was suffering from severe low back pain. The feeling was as if there was a pinching sensation at the low back. During my first treatment, I received spinal manipulation and acupuncture. By my third follow-up, I felt that my pain is almost gone, and I could start bending and turning without feeling the pinching sensation at my low back. I find it incredibly amazing that my condition recovered without having to take pain killers or undergo any surgery. I highly recommend this clinic to my friends and family."

Our Successful Stories #2

During his first visit, the patient was suffering from extreme pain and needed crutches to assist his movements in walking. The patient could not even stand up right and had difficulties lying down. After our first treatment, he was able to stand up straight but was still advised to use crutches to avoid unnecessary stress and compression on the spine. By the 2nd follow up, the pain had reduced, and manipulation was given to correct his spinal alignment. By the 3rd treatment, patient’s pain reduced again was happy that he could walk without relying on his crutches.

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248 reviews
Tom Ridoutt
March 31, 2023

Great osteopath, they have really helped my back.

YF Liew
March 25, 2023

Very friendly and my condition were clearly explained to me. Thank you CY and his team throughout the whole session. Thank you.

Lim Li Chin
March 22, 2023

Good and professional treatment services.

March 19, 2023

医生很专业, 环境非常好

Bobo Nono
March 18, 2023

Thank you Mr CY helping my husband treat the lower back pain.

March 17, 2023

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